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Get Dependable Counsel From A Seasoned Massachusetts Real Estate Lawyer

Are you looking for a real estate closing attorney in Massachusetts? Whether you’re buying the home of your dreams or selling your commercial building, it’s important to have the support of a knowledgeable real estate attorney who can ensure your interests and rights are protected in every aspect of the deal.

At the Law Office of Erica M. Foster, attorney Erica Foster has been helping buyers, sellers, lenders, and developers navigate complex real estate transactions and disputes for more than 20 years. From the negotiation and creation of sales contracts to preparing the title work, Erica provides the direction and insights you need to make informed decisions and attain your goals.

Real Estate And Mortgage Closings

Attorney Erica M. Foster works with you and the other parties involved to ensure a timely and stress-free closing with no surprises. From diligently reviewing contracts to ensuring titles are clear, she reviews the legal details of your transaction to minimize the risk of problems arising down the road. If you have questions about the mortgage process or your obligations as a buyer or seller, Erica will address all of your concerns one step at a time.

When issues or disputes emerge, Erica leverages her extensive experience in commercial and residential real estate law to come up with a workable solution and make sure that closing day goes smoothly.

Residential And Commercial Property Titles

In Massachusetts, all property subject to sale must have a marketable title. The seller needs to provide proof that no other entity or person has an interest in the title of the property they are selling. This is known as “proof of title.”

Because this is a complex process, the buyer typically hires a real estate attorney or a title insurance company in Massachusetts to complete a meticulous investigation to ensure the title of the property is marketable. If a title is not marketable, a title insurance company is onboard to insure the buyer against losses of an invalid title.

Passing a title in Massachusetts involves executing and delivering a deed with a proper description of the land. An official recording of the deed must be complete to establish ownership of the property and/or provide notice of its transfer to any subsequent purchasers.

Contact Erica Today For Sound Real Estate Assistance

Make sure your deal goes smoothly by hiring an experienced Massachusetts real estate lawyer to protect your interests. Contact the Law Office of Erica M. Foster today for a free initial consultation. Call Erica in Danvers at 978-605-4105 or fill out the online form.