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Understanding The Difference Between Alimony And Child Support

It is important to know that alimony is treated differently than child support on your tax return. Alimony is tax deductible to the person paying it and included in the taxable income of the person receiving it. Child support, by contrast, is not taxable to the person who receives it and not tax deductible to the person who pays it. In the case of spouses with profoundly different incomes, there may be some tax advantages to using alimony.

Calculating Child Support

Every state including Massachusetts has a standardized way of calculating child support between divorcing parents. When calculating child support, use the Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines. The calculations consider your gross income, the cost of health insurance and the cost of child care.

Speak Directly With A Knowledgeable Alimony Attorney

Having the right Massachusetts family law attorney on your side can help protect your rights if your divorce is going to be subject to an alimony arrangement. Contact attorney Erica M. Foster today for a free initial consultation. Call Erica’s office in Danvers at 978-605-4105 or click here to fill out her convenient online form.