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Maintain The Integrity Of Your Family Relationships

Attorney Erica M. Foster believes that the family unit is the primary building block of our society. During times of transition – when you are separating or divorcing – it can be difficult to balance disputes and your child’s best interests without your family dynamics tumbling down like a game of “Jenga.” Erica understands your need for personal attention as you sort through the changes and rebuild your life. She listens carefully to your family’s goals and provides the information you need to make good choices for shaping custody and parenting time agreements. She is committed to helping you confidently maintain the integrity of your family relationships throughout each step of the process.

Child Custody And Parenting Time

In Massachusetts, if you are not married and there has not been an adjudication or voluntary acknowledgment of paternity, the mother generally has custody of the child. Establishing paternity is the first step to creating a custody settlement.

To reduce emotional stress for the children involved, Erica Foster aims to resolve child custody and visitation issues, now known as “parenting time,” in a collaborative fashion. Erica works closely with you and your former partner to design an agreement that meets the needs of your children while accommodating parental circumstances such as finances, occupation and housing. With a history of supporting families, she understands how to minimize conflict and create sustainable custody and parenting time plans that set the stage for harmonious co-parenting through negotiation and mediation.

If your child’s other parent is unwilling to keep your child’s best interests at the helm of these new custody and visitation arrangements, the court may intervene. Attorney Erica Foster will be at your side to assertively safeguard the best interests of your child in the courtroom.

Contact Erica For Personal Attention And Guidance With Your Child Custody Arrangements

Erica has more than two decades of experience helping divorcing and separating couples successfully reshape their family relationships. She will help you keep your child’s best interest at the helm of your decision-making process. She can also assist you with family law issues including child support, paternity, divorce property division and alimony. Call the Law Office of Erica M. Foster in Danvers at 978-605-4105 or click here to fill out online form to initiate your free consultation.