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Child Support Is Important To Your Child’s Well-Being

Child support can be a sensitive topic for divorcing or separating parents. Sometimes, a parent may ask, “Why should I pay child support when the other parent is not letting me see my children?” While both parents are responsible for providing financial support for their children, negative emotions often surge into the discussion about money.

Regular child support payments are to ensure your child’s basic needs – such as food, clothing, shelter, medical care and education – are met. The amount of child support payments is subject to Massachusetts’ child support guidelines that apply to all parents, regardless of their income level.

It is helpful to work with an experienced family law attorney to smooth out tumultuous emotions. Attorney Erica M. Foster has more than two decades of experience equipping families with the tools they need to establish paternity (or parentage) and create child-related agreements in the best interests of their children. You can look to her for personalized solutions for your child support concerns.

Understanding Child Support In Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, the noncustodial parent – or the parent not living with the child full-time – pays money to the custodial parent – the parent who the child is living with full-time – to financially support their children upon termination of their relationship. In some cases, there may have been little or no relationship between parents at all.

In cases where the parents share joint custody, the court sees the child as having two custodial parents and there may be no child support payments. However, if one parent’s income is substantially higher, the court may find it in the best interests of the child to order the parent with a higher income to supplement the other parent with child support.

The schedule of child support payment may be part of your divorce, marital separation or determination of parentage, or may supplement your alimony (spousal support) arrangements. Exceptions may apply to your child’s circumstances, so it is vital to speak with an experienced family law attorney.

Contact A Child Support Attorney You Can Trust

Attorney Erica Foster can help you establish child support payments, modify or enforce a child support order, or collect past due child support payments. She can also help you with establishing parentage or paternity.

Contact the Law Office of Erica M. Foster for trusted child support legal services in Massachusetts. Contact Erica today for a free initial consultation. Call her office in Danvers at 978-605-4105 or fill out the online form.