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Attorney Erica M. Foster provides the personal attention and guidance you may be seeking if your marriage has broken down or your family relationships are in a fray. Erica is here to help you understand your situation, set realistic goals, make informed decisions and move forward to a new chapter in your life.

A Family Law Attorney Serving The North Shore Boston Area Since 1992

Experience That Inspires Confidence

There are a variety of issues that you may have to deal with during a divorce, including everything from determining who will keep a home to figuring out if someone will be receiving alimony payments. An attorney may be able to help you achieve a divorce settlement outside of the courtroom, which could give you greater control over how things are decided. Should your case end up in front of a judge, an attorney can represent your interests and ensure that you understand the law and make choices that will help you in the long term.

Attorney Erica M. Foster has been practicing in the areas of family law and real estate law since the start of her career. Whether you’re going through a divorce, custody dispute, or real estate transaction, you can expect knowledgeable representation coupled with open, honest communication. Ms. Foster’s familiarity with the Essex, Middlesex, and Suffolk court systems can give you an edge in resolving your disputes or negotiating agreements while minimizing your emotional and financial strain.

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Family law

Family Law

Sustainable solutions for your divorce, child custody, child support, alimony and paternity concerns

Mediation Services

Mediation Services

Resolve your family law disputes with a certified mediator and guardian ad litem

Limited assistance representation

Limited Assistance Representation

Trusted legal advice, document preparation, document review, and/or a court appearance

Real estate law

Real Estate Law

Make informed decisions and conduct your real estate transactions with confidence

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Fair and Honest Legal Representation Focused On You

It is far better to have an ideal outcome to your family law disputes the first time around than to have to go back and fight for changes later. By retaining the Law Office of Erica M. Foster, you will be doing what it takes to protect your rights from the very start.

When it comes to family law issues, there is no substitute for personal attention and non-judgmental, empathetic support. Erica takes time getting to know you and what makes your circumstances unique. A dedicated client advocate and representative, Erica listens carefully to what you are trying to achieve before explaining all of your options and the possible outcomes of your case.

For more than two decades, the Law Office of Erica M. Foster has been helping individuals and families find mutually agreeable, long-lasting solutions to their legal matters. Attorney Foster is committed to resolving disputes in the most efficient, cost-effective manner possible while ensuring clients are treated justly by the legal system. As a seasoned attorney, Erica is fair with both her clients and the opposition, and only advocates a specific position if it is logical and in the best interests of her client.

Mediation Services

As a certified mediator, attorney Foster will recommend and even provide mediation when it makes sense for your situation or personal preference. Mediation can save time and money as well as help you avoid the collateral damage of litigation.

Reasonable Attorney Fees

You want to be sure that you are receiving the best legal representation for a fair price. Although the court process is not always direct and expeditious, Erica makes every effort to keep your costs down through free initial consultations, affordable hourly rates, and by embracing alternative dispute resolutions with opposing parties and attorneys in order to settle most matters out court. Call her office at 978-605-4105 or send her an email to initiate a consultation.

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An Attorney Who Fully Understands Divorce, Mediation And Real Estate Law

Working with an experienced lawyer who focuses on family law may help improve your chances of getting what you want out of your divorce. Your finances, your ability to see and care for your children and your lifestyle are likely to depend on the outcome of your divorce. Erica strives to put you in the best position possible following the end of your marriage. She will help you navigate every step of your divorce, child custody, alimony, or paternity matter with patience and perseverance. While she prefers to use a nonadversarial approach to resolving family law disputes, Erica is an accomplished and zealous trial lawyer who is not afraid to take cases to court.

Choose a Massachusetts family law attorney and certified mediator who can give you the personal attention and guidance you deserve.